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Funding Sources for Traveling Exhibits: Michigan

Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) Grants

Mini-Grant Regional Regranting Program
This program provides funding to select non-profit organizations to administer and regrant at the local level on behalf of the Council supporting small arts and cultural projects throughout the state in 19 designated regions.
Non-profit organizations, including (but not limited to) service organizations, arts organizations, parks and recreational organizations, churches, professional associations, public and non-public schools, cities, townships and villages may apply during three rounds of funding of up to $4,000 in the fiscal year.

For more information, contact:
Michigan Council For Arts and Cultural Affairs
702 West Kalamazoo Street
P.O. Box 30705
Lansing, MI 48909-8205
Phone: (517) 241-4011
Fax: (517) 241-3979

Locate your county's Minigrant Regional Regranting Agency online.
Here are links to MCACA Minigrant: Guidelines, Application Forms, and Final Reports.

Michigan Humanities Council (MHC) Grants

Arts and Humanities Touring Grant Program
The Michigan State University Museum's Traveling Exhibition Service has a selection of exhibition titles that have been chosen for inclusion in the Michigan Arts and Humanities Touring Directory (to find out which titles are listed, contact us for details). This directory of touring artists, presenters and other arts programming in the state offers special grant funds to Michigan non-profit sponsors to help cover the fees and expenses of Arts and Humanities Touring programs.

The Touring Program offers two grant periods during the fiscal year (Oct. 1 to Sept. 30) with deadlines of March 15 and September 15. The total annual funds allocated for Touring Program grants are divided equally between the two granting periods. Grants are awarded on a first come, first-served basis.

For more information, contact:
Michigan Humanities Council
119 Pere Marquette, Suite 3B
Lansing, MI 48912
Phone: 517-372-7770
Fax :517-372-0027
Grants web page:

Extending the Reach Grants

These $2,500 - $7,500 grants are intended to support established and/or previously Council-funded programs that are successful and take them to other venues to reach new and/or underserved audiences.
For more information, contact the Michigan Humanities Council (see Arts & Humanities Touring Program description).
Quick Grants
MHC often receives requests from organizations seeking support for public humanities programs that fall outside the design and deadline schedules of the Council's regular grants. To help meet these requests and to match humanities resources and professionals with local needs, the Council offers Quick Grants, which can provide up to $750 to Michigan-based, non-profit organizations for public humanities programs or services such that are clearly centered in the humanities, involving humanities scholars in consulting, creation, or execution, and are directed at a public audience.

Applications for Quick Grants must be received at least eight weeks before your program date. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until the allocation for the fiscal year (November 1 - October 31) is committed. Sponsors are limited to no more than one Quick Grant award per year. Priority is given to first time applicants and organizations that do not have another Council grant already in progress. NOTE: Programs and presenters already supported through the Council's Arts & Humanities Touring Program are not eligible for Quick Grant support. Check with us for which exhibit titles this rule applies.
For more information, contact the Michigan Humanities Council (see Arts & Humanities Touring Program description).
Online information and online applications are available at: Quick Grants

Humanities Project Grants and Planning Grants
These two granting programs are designed for broader-based humanities projects, but are applicable to traveling exhibits if they involve planning humanities programming that is complementary to a traveling exhibit or community collaborations involving the use of an exhibit.

Humanities Project Grants ($2,000 - $15,000) are intended to create a significant public humanities project or resource and/or to support collaborative efforts of communities, areas or local cultural organizations to develop a joint public humanities project or activity to reach the general public including new and/or underserved audiences.

Planning Grants ($1,000 - $2,500) are intended to support consulting and preparatory activities, and preliminary gathering of resources to help define a humanities project and/or prepare a grant proposal.
For more information on these programs, contact the Michigan Humanities Council (see Arts & Humanities Touring Program description).