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Quilting Sisters: African-American Quiltmaking in michigan


Photo of Roadkill quilt

Lethonee Jones,
Kalamazoo, Michigan
44" x 89"
Collection of MSUM, acc# 1996:109.1

Photo of String Quilt

String Quilt
Viney Crawford
Idlewild, Michigan
64" x 80"
Collection of MSUM, acc# 6520.1

Photo of Oak Leaf block

Oak Leaf block
Unknown, attributed to a slave
Provenance unknown
19" x 19"
Collection of MSUM, acc# 6646.1

Photo of Crow Foot in the Mud quilt

Crow Foot in the Mud
Sina R. Phillips
Muskegon, Michigan
72" x 80"
Collection of MSUM, acc# 7105.1

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