Curator: Michele Beltran

Associate Curators: LuAnne G. Kozma, Yvonne Lockwood, and Marsha MacDowell

Curatorial and Research Assistance: Val R. Berryman, Rebecca Clark, Ilene Schechter, Lynne Swanson, and Frances Vincent

Graphic Designer: Melinda Hamilton

Graphic Assistance: Latricia Horstman, Dustin O'Connor, and Cathy Huddy

Exhibition Technicians: Juan Alvarez, Phil Lienhart, Julie Levy-Weston, and Tangeni Iijambo

Merchandise Development: Michele Beltran, Marsha MacDowell, Julie Levy-Weston, Cathy Huddy, and Melinda Hamilton

Website Development: Michele Beltran

MSU Museum Director: C. Kurt Dewhurst

Additional Support: Pearl Yee Wong, Kristin Corra, Jill Crane, Mary Worrall, Bron Miller, and Chloe Berwind-Dart

The majority of the tall tale postcards in the collections of the MSU Museum were donated by John Turner, a Michigan native and now resident of Berkeley, California. Additional postcards and other objects for this exhibition were collected for the MSU Museum by William and Yvonne Lockwood, Marsha MacDowell and Kurt Dewhurst, Michele Beltran, Val R. Berryman, LuAnne G. Kozma, and Kate Edgar.

The Storytelling Through the Mail: Tall Tale Postcards exhibition is a Michigan State University Museum, Michigan Traditional Arts Program traveling exhibition made possible by the financial and in-kind support of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

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