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What is the Michigan 4-H FOLKPATTERNS Program?

How to get started with a FOLKPATTERNS project



Educational Materials

Family Folklore: A 4-H FOLKPATTERNS Project (4-H 1330)

This project guide explores five forms of family folklore: stories, expressions, photographs, customs, and keepsakes. Includes many activity pages for kids to complete. (48 pages, Michigan 4-H, 1985) See sample activity, The Family Name Game.

FOLKPATTERNS Leader's Guide (4-H 1506)

This leader's guide includes information that volunteers need to know to lead a FOLKPATTERNS project. It includes 12 sample meeting plans that cover the four areas of FOLKPATTERNS exploration: "Discovering FOLKPATTERNS," "Discovering My Own Traditions," "Discovering My Family Traditions," and "Discovering Traditions in My Community and Beyond." (Folder, 23-page leader's guide, 12 meeting plans, Michigan 4-H, 1991). See sample activity, Interview Checklist.

Foodways: A 4-H FOLKPATTERNS Project (4-H 1329)

This publication explores the history and folklore of food. Some activities can be done by one person; others can be done in a group. The booklet introduces foodways, identifies foodway topics and inludes activity pages. (72 pages, Michigan 4-H, 1985) See sample activity, A Food By Any Other Name.

Other 4-H Cultural Heritage Materials:

Heritage Gardening: Vegetables (4-H 1279)

This bulletin promotes an awareness of the heritage of vegetable varieties. It compares folklore and modern science, and old and new gardening techniques. It tells how to plan a heritage vegetable garden, a North American Indian garden, and how to collect and store seeds. One section is devoted to heritage gardening activities such as plant prints and seed medallions. (48 pages, 1992).

Michigan 4-H Guide to Herb Gardening Projects (4-H 1516)

Helps 4-Hers learn about herbs and their history, how to identify and grow herbs, how to design herb gardens, how to make herb crafts, how to play herb games, and how to cook with herbs. (48 pages).

Kaleidoscope: Family Celebrations from Around the World Leaders Guide (4-H 1484) and Member's packet (4-H 1485)

The leader's guide has plans for meetings on ten different family celebrations, with activities designed to hlep children learn more about geography, food, games and stories of our own and other countries. (36 pages, 1991)

SPACES. . . Preparing Kids for a High Tech and Global Future is a program for 9- to 15- year olds. Three publications in the Shared Space catgegory explore environmental, cultural and global issues, including:

Similarities and Differences of the Earth's Peoples (4-H 1494)

Helps kids become aware of and appreciate the differences and similarities among peoples. Includes a leader's guide and six activities. (8 pages, 6 activities, 1991)

Food, Shelter & Clothing of the Earth's Peoples (4-H 1495)

Explores the basic needs of the world's people: food, shelter, and clothing. A leader's guide and activities focus on critical issues. (12 pages, 12 activities, 1992)

Connections & Celebrations of the Earth's Peoples (4-H 1496)

Explores how government, economics, play and celebrations tie people together in their communities. Includes a leader's guide and activities. (8 pages, 7 activities, 1992)

4-H China Project materials can be borrowed by contacting your county Michigan State University Extension office:

Discover China Teaching Packet (for K to 6th graders)
Discover China Dance Activity Suitcases (for K to 6th graders)
Discover the Children of China Audiovisual Program (for K to 4th graders)

To order 4-H materials, contact MSU Extension on-line ordering.

These and other folklife titles are available by contacting:

Michigan State University Museum East Lansing, MI 48824

African-American Quiltmaking in Michigan
Anishnaabek: Artists of Little Traverse Bay
Beaver Island House Party (includes music CD)
Cast in Clay: Folk Art of Grand Ledge, Michigan
Contemporary Great Lakes Pow Wow Regalia
Downriver and Thumb Michigan Waterfowling
Festival of Michigan Folklife program books for the years 1987 through 1998.
Folk Arts in Education Handbook
The Folk Pottery of Grand Ledge, Michigan: Art at Work
Marlinespikes and Monkey's Fists: Traditonal Arts and Knot-Tying Skills of Maritime Workers
Mary Schafer and Her Quilts
Michigan Folklife Reader
Michigan Quilts: 150 Years of a Textile Tradition
Michigan in Song (audio cassette)
Q is for Quilt: An ABC Quilt Pattern Book
Quilts from the Albert and Merry Silber Collection
Rainbows in the Sky: Folk Art of Michigan in the 20th Century
Sisters of the Great Lakes: Art of American Indian Women
To Honor and Comfort: Native Quilting Traditions
"Your Wellwisher, J.B. Walker" 19th Century Paper Cut-Out Artist