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What is the Michigan 4-H FOLKPATTERNS Program?

How to get started with a FOLKPATTERNS project


Special Programs

Michigan Barn and Farmstead Survey

Kids learn how to recognize architectural parts of a barn and farmstead as they photograph and document barns in a survey project. 4-H clubs that agree to survey an entire county can qualify for mini-grants for photographic film and free survey books. See the Michigan Barn and Farmstead Survey website to see if your county or township has been surveyed. If it has not yet been surveyed, you can register to do the survey of that township. If the the township has already been surveyed, consider surveying a nearby township.  Contact LuAnne Kozma at: for more information or training sessions.  Barn training workshops are sometimes offered at 4-H Exploration Days at MSU.


Each June, Michigan 4-H Youth Programs honors a qualified youth in the FOLKPATTERNS project area. Awards are competitive. Michigan 4-Hers can apply for the state awards program by contacting your County MSU Extension office.

Michigan 4-H History Project

The goals of the Michigan 4-H History Project are to:

  • develop an historical collection of 4-H memorabilia that documents the Michigan 4-H experience;
  • tell a collective story of 4-H in Michigan;
  • involve many people in the documentation process -- current and former 4-Hers, 4-H volunteers, and 4-H staff, and others in the community;
  • document 4-H history from a personal perspective, as told in oral history interviews;
  • collect and preserve Michigan's 4-H history;
  • present the Michigan 4-H story in an exhibit during the Centennial and beyond.

You can participate by donating your 4-H memorabilia, interviewing someone about their experiences in 4-H, being interviewed, or helping fund the project by individual donations. Current and former 4-Hers, 4-H leaders and staff are invited to participate as an interviewer or an interviewee! Current 4-Hers may conduct interviews with their current leaders, and others in their communities who were involved in 4-H as kids, as volunteers, or as staff. 4-Hers can conduct interviews as individuals or in groups as a FOLKPATTERNS project.

To purchase a copy of The Michigan 4-H History Project: Collection Manual and Oral History Interviewing Guide, contact LuAnne Kozma at 517-353-5526, your County MSU Extension office, or purchase a copy online at Folk and Traditional Arts Catalog.

Community Service Ideas

See what Folkpatterns projects your group can to to benefit you community.