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Mendhi hands by Pushpa Jain. Photographer unknown. All rights reserved.Fish decoy. Photo by Pearl Yee Wong. All rights reserved.Embroidered dress detail. Photo by Pearl Yee Wong. All rights reserved.Cedar bird by Glen VanAntwerp. Photo by Al Kamuda. All rights reserved.
The Gus Horvath Hungarian Gypsy Collection

Photo of Gus Horvath

Photo of a cymbalom

Photo of musicians playing gypsy instruments

Michigan is the residence of a large number of Hungarian Gypsies and Gus Horvath was a well-known Hungarian Gypsy musician who lived in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. The Gus Horvath collection includes Gus' last cymbalom, made in Hungary and embellished by him, which the museum acquired in 2000 with the support of Hungarian Art Club of Dearborn and the MSU Office of Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies. Other donations include copies of his photo albums and scrapbooks, sheet music, bills of sale for musical instruments, tools and equipment Gus used to embellish his instruments, copies of photographs, handbills, newspaper clippings. All of the materials highlight Gus Horvath's long musical career and provides context to augment our understanding of Gus' instruments, of Gus, and of the community of musicians.

Field researcher:
Dr. William G. Lockwood.

Elaine and Ray Moise.

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