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Mendhi hands by Pushpa Jain. Photographer unknown. All rights reserved.Fish decoy. Photo by Pearl Yee Wong. All rights reserved.Embroidered dress detail. Photo by Pearl Yee Wong. All rights reserved.Cedar bird by Glen VanAntwerp. Photo by Al Kamuda. All rights reserved.
Rights and Reproduction

Materials from the Michigan Traditional Arts Program Research Collections are solely for educational and scholarly uses. The materials may be used in reports, research, and other projects that are not offered for sale. Granting or withholding of permission for commercial or public use is determined by the MTAP Research Collections on an individual basis, and a usage fee is required.

All use of materials from the MTAP Research Collections requires written permission from the MTAP Research Collections or appropriate copyright holder.

Users please take note that the materials made available through the MTAP web site may be subject to additional restrictions including but not limited to copyright and the rights of privacy and publicity, of parties other than the Research Collections. Users are solely reponsible for determining the existence of such rights and for obtaining any other permissions, and paying associated fees, which may be necessary for the proposed use.

All materials used in any type of publication or production must be credited with the following credit line:
Courtesy of Michigan Traditional Arts Program Research Collections

Additional information on the credit line might include a collection name, accesssion number, artist or photographer. Additional information will be supplied by the Research Collections.

Please contact the Archivist at the Research Collections for furthur information:
Collections Coordinator
Michigan Traditional Arts Program
302A Central Services
Red Cedar Lane, East Lansing MI 48824

Please consult our Fee Schedule, then complete a Research Request Form or Media Request Form for any materials you wish to use.

Prospective researchers should bear in mind the restrictions on photocopying and publication imposed by the Copyright Act of 1976. It is the responsibility of the prospective users or their publishers to determine the copyright status or obtain the required permissions before publication of manuscript material from the Museum’s collections.

Rights and Reproduction
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