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Michigan Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Awards

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Red and Marcia LeClear and Jennifer Hamp
2015 master artist and apprentice
Shepherd and Blanchard (Isabella County)
Percussive dance

Ron “Red” and Marcia LeClear are percussive dancers born in Detroit and Alma, respectively.  They are founding members of the Wheatland Music Organization, where they have each held multiple board positions over the last forty-one years. Marcia had formal tap training from 1957-1964, but both dancers found themselves most inspired by the Green Grass Cloggers and noted clogger Ira Bernstein. They performed with the Costabella Cloggers from 1978-1985, touring around the state and the country, and still remain active in the traditional music and dance scene in Michigan. In 2013, the Costabella Cloggers performed at the Wheatland Music Festival as part of the 40th Anniversary celebration, “Carry It On…”

Apprentice Jennifer Hamp began studying clogging at the Academy of Performing Arts in Alma, Michigan, in the fall of 2013. From this experience, Jennifer decided to attend the Earful of Fiddle Music and Dance Camp, where she studied with dancers Nic Gareiss, Sheila Graziano (2013 and 2014 MTAAP master artist), Joe Duffey, and Daniel Gorno. Recent, opportunities to perform have furthered her desire to advance her skills. This apprenticeship will allow her to delve into specific steps and choreography and to deepen her knowledge and understanding of the tradition.

-Micah Ling

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