“Science On a Sphere” Ribbon Cutting Ceremony From left to right: Mark Auslander (MSU Museum Director), Diane Byrum (MSU Board of Trustees Chair), April Clobes (MSU Federal Credit Union President and CEO), Teresa Sullivan (MSU Interim Provost)

I’ll be Back: Celebrating the “Terminator” and the Winter Solstice through Science On a Sphere

In his December 2019 letter, MSU Museum Director Mark Auslander ponders the ways in which Science On a Sphere, the Museum’s newly installed technological marvel, helps illuminate the dynamics of the approaching winter solstice. As we enter the darkest period of the year, Science On a Sphere is a powerful

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Back row left to right: Dr. Barbara Lundrigan, Genin Howard, Libby Hill, Courtney Mcknown, Peter Zakaria, and Dr. Laura Smale Front row left to right: Rachel Zhang and Brooke Carrigan

Honors Research Seminar at the MSU Museum

The MSU Museum provides unique opportunities for undergraduates to obtain hands-on research experience in the biological sciences. This year, 6 students are participating in an Honors Research Seminar on the evolution of the mammalian brain, co-taught by Drs. Laura Smale (Departments of Psychology and Integrative Biology) and Barbara Lundrigan (Department of

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Science On a Sphere Group Photograph From left to right: (front row) Mark Auslander (MSU Museum), Teresa Goforth (MSU Museum), Nick VanAcker (MSU Museum), Elesha Newberry (MSU Museum), Stephanie Palagyi (MSU Museum) (middle row) Dylan Mooney (Superior Electric), Amanda Tickner (MSU Libraries), Terence O’Neil (MSU Libraries), Christine Lockwood (IPF) (back row) Keith Searight (NOAA), Ian McGinnis (NOAA), Sunny Wang (MSU Museum), Mike Secord (MSU Museum), Jason Brown (IT Services), Ian O’Brien (IPF), Denice Blair (MSU Museum), Mike McEwan (IPF), Guy Halsey (IPF) photograph by Pearl Yee Wong

Theaters in the Round: Community Voices and Citizen Science on a Sphere

In his November 2019 letter, MSU Museum director Mark Auslander reflects on varied ways in which the Museum works to nurture creative connections with public stakeholders across the arts and sciences. These partnerships allow us, together, to tell challenging and thought-provoking stories about where we have been and where we

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