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All My Relations: an Indigenous Perspective on Landscape

Senior TED Fellow Camille Seaman’s “All My Relations: an Indigenous Perspective on Landscape”, features portions of three of her extended photography projects, “Melting Away,” “The Last Iceberg,” and “The Big Cloud.”

“Melting Away” and “The Last Iceberg,” shot in the Arctic and the Antarctic, represents she says, “A ten-year journey through our endangered polar regions.” It explores not only the melting ice, but also the shrinking habitats of polar bears and penguins.

“The Big Cloud” series explores storm chasing. It is a series that extends Seaman’s interest in examining the environment. This project is different, however, because it was “inspired by her Shinnecock Indian heritage, and by her daughter’s fascination with storms.”

In the introduction to her 2013 TED talk it was said that, “When Seaman stands under dark clouds that would terrify most of us, she feels a little differently. … She feels privileged to witness a condensed version of the same forces ‘that helped to create our galaxy, our solar system, our sun and even this very planet.’” Visitors will be awed by the power and beauty of nature and concerned that the actions of humanity are threatening the beauty Seaman captures.

Photography Talk with Camille Seaman
Sunday, March 26 from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
MSU Museum

Image caption: Stranded Icebergs, Detail II, Cape Bird, Antartica, December 25, 2006

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