Do Dinosaur Yoga!

Image of Habitat Hall

In the MSU Museum’s Habitat Hall, you can find mounted skeleton casts of two Jurassic dinosaurs: Allosaurus and Stegosaurus, as well as a cast of a T-Rex skull. While scientists can’t say what dinosaurs’ mindfulness practices were, we can use them to inspire activities like this dinosaur yoga series. Please enjoy this yoga series created for use in the galleries - but easy to do at home - and the resources from the web and other museums listed below.


Habitat Hall T-Rex yoga series

Cartoon showing green dinosaur baby hatching out of a spotted egg

If you are new to yoga, learn how to do the poses here.

  1. Take 3 big dinosaur breaths. Remember to breathe big while doing the yoga.
  2. Be a dino egg ("child's pose").
  3. Hatch into a T-rex (move into a "mountain pose" with T-Rex arms).
  4. Step legs out wide around the volcano ("star pose"). Watch out for hot lava!
  5. Bend forward at the waist with your legs wide, grasp your ankles, and stomp like a dinosaur (wide-legged forward fold).
  6. Sit down on your bottom and fold your dinosaur legs in "criss-cross stegosaurus sauce" and take one last big dinosaur breath.

You did it!

More dinosaur yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga has a lot of great yoga and other activities for kids. Most are available on YouTube, including these dino-themed ones:

Tiny the T-Rex
SUPER YOGA! - Dinosaur Disco

Learn more about the MSU Museum's dinosaur exhibits

Cast of a large T-Rex skull, mounted on a stand in the museum

Image by Nick VanAcker

To learn more about the MSU Museum’s dinosaur exhibits, please take a look at these pages on our website:

Dinosaurs at other museums

To learn more about dinosaurs, please check out these resources from other museums:

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