Michigan State University

Regular hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-5PM

Mary Fogg-Liedel

MSU Museum CoLaborator

Major: Arts and Humanities/Pre-Law
Minor: French and Linguistics

Mary is a CoLaborator at the MSU Museum, her primary responsibility is to talk to visitors about the current MSU Museum CoLab Studio exhibition 1.5° Celsius.

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Where are you from?
Brighton, Michigan

What is your academic year?
Second Year

What interested you in your position at the MSU Museum?
I thought the content of this year's exhibition was extremely relevant and thought provoking, and that prompted me to get involved with the CoLab team.

What is your favorite exhibition at the MSU Museum?
1.5 Degrees of Concern is my favorite exhibit int the 1.5° Celsius exhibition. It caught my eye because I believe it’s one of the most interactive exhibits that we have. It’s fun to watch guests interact with the table and learn about the story hidden in the materials. I like how it transforms storytelling into a tactile experience.

What do you do in your free time?
A lot of my free time is spent at the MSU Fencing club, I fence foil. I play a few instruments, do some art, and love to learn about different cultures through their food.

What is your dream job?
I’m interested in bioethics/artificial intelligence ethics, as well as data privacy. My dream job would be to become an attorney who specializes in legal matters that relate to these things. I could see myself sitting on an ethics board for a university or hospital in the future.