Fossil Poetry

Fossils and poetry? Yes! Fossils show the evolution of different types of organisms: plants, invertebrates (animals without backbones), sharks and fish, amphibians, reptiles (including birds), and mammals. Explore fossils through the poetry of Jay Artemis Hall.

Hull is a nonbinary poet most likely to be found wandering in the woods. They have a degree in Professional Writing from MSU with cognates in poetry and geology. As a former MSU Slam Poetry Team leader, their poetry thrives on the stage. It has also appeared in literary journals as well as engraved in MSU’s sidewalk near Landon Hall. For more information, visit

Person reading poetry in front of a microphone at coffee house

Gliding Onward

Oh Archaeopteryx
frozen as in flight
you dinosaur-approaching bird
connector between the two
skybound dreams carrying on
through the centuries yet

“How do I read this?”
Any way you want! ⇊ ⇅ ⇉

Oh Rhamphorynchus
reptile bound to soar
survival song extinguished but
in stone evidence remains of your
visions of the future
locked in the past

Lymeric for Loxolophus

there once was a mammal that changed course
and it took the cenozoic by force.
It looked like the raccoon
that would be here quite soon
but ‘twas really the dad of a horse.

Possum By Night

Holding tight by a tail and a trick
of survival, through extinction and new life
to land of long-haul truckers.
Clever trick, clever me, climb aboard
young ones for centuries standing sentry
by the moon and street light.
By the gods and insects always changing,
my constant eye-glint in the dark
keeping watch from the outskirts.

Haiku for Human Intervention and Ground Sloths

In land of giants
a new balance is forming,
tools of change unleashed.

Try writing fossil poetry yourself!

Look at the fossils in the exhibit. Does anything inspire you to write some poetry? Use the examples above to help guide you. Share your poetry with someone.

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