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MSU’s Science Gallery is Collaborating in the 2022 Youth Symposium About Climate Change

The event will take place online from July 14 -19 and aims to connect young people around the world on important climate issues in an optimistic and creative space.

Michigan State University’s Science Gallery is one of seven members of the international, university-linked Science Gallery Network collaborating to present the 2022 Youth Symposium, HOT AND BOTHERED. The youth symposium is a free, four-day event that brings together young people across the globe to connect, exchange ideas and share knowledge on the topic of climate action. The aim of the event is to create an optimistic space where young people can celebrate their efforts and learn from one another. With this event, Science Gallery wants to foster a hopeful sense of mutual motivation, a contagious aspiration. We want people to tell their stories, inspire others, and share actionable solutions. People all over the world are invited to register for the event at https://sciencegallery.org/youth-symposium .

“The Earth has long been quietly grappling with supporting humanity’s footprint. As its silence wanes, we are now experiencing our natural systems change and falter. Climate change is here. Its urgency, its bleakness, its complexity cannot be overstated. But nor can we underestimate the power, the ambition and the ingenuity of young people willing to take action and embrace our environmental responsibility. Science Gallery wants to empower those young people with the connections and skills they need to safeguard their futures,” said Andrea Bandelli, Executive Director of Science Gallery International.

HOT AND BOTHERED was created for and by young people. Science Gallery created an open call for proposals for workshops and sessions to contribute to the event, with a particular focus on contributions from young people. Workshops and events at HOT AND BOTHERED include:

●      Learning how to make climate data visualizations and using the power of visual storytelling
●      A physical scavenger hunt of your local neighborhood and sharing your findings with an online global community
●      Enter a giant bacterium in the digital space to discover the impact of climate change through the evolution of microorganisms.
●      Join a live stream and interact with the creators and players of a board game exploring young people’s current and near-future aspirations faced with multiple disadvantages in the current climate crisis.
●      Based on the prediction that Mumbai will be underwater by 2050, an interactive online performance invites you to co-create backup plans for survival.
●      An interactive film screening combined with collective conversations about the climate emergency.

Founded in 2018, MSU’s Science Gallery works with young adults to ignite creativity and discovery at the intersections of science, technology, art, and design. In 2021, Science Gallery became a programmatic division of the Michigan State University Museum aimed at experimentation and innovation. Science Gallery remains dedicated to transdisciplinary, future-focused work that engages, informs, and gives agency to young adults. To engage and provide that agency, Science Gallery is committed to examining topics with particular care toward ethics, mental health and wellness, and diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI). “We are thrilled to be partnering with our colleagues from around the world to provide a platform for young adults to connect, engage, and organize on issues centered on climate change. This issue is paramount to our work at MSU Science Gallery and will manifest in through a series of exhibitions and public programs over the coming year,” stated Devon Akmon, Director of the MSU Museum and MSU’s Science Gallery.

HOT AND BOTHERED is Science Gallery’s annual Youth Symposium event for 2022. Past events have focused on boredom, trust, and co-creation — this year, we focus on climate action.