Outside the Box Habitat Activity

Boreal Forest - Moose

Moose in Boreal Forest

The animals and plants in the Habitat Hall dioramas are adapted to their habitats, which means they’re well suited to the environments they live in. Pronghorn antelope are able to run very fast across their flat grassland home, and baby white-tailed deer have spots to blend in with the dappled light streaming through the canopy of their forest home.

But what if the animals were placed somewhere else?! Think "outside the box" and use your imagination to create new backgrounds for the residents of habitat hall.

Download the "Outside the Box" coloring pages. Grab your favorite coloring tools (colored pencils, markers, crayons) and let your imagination run wild!

Look closer

Look closely at the pictures of the habitats on the "Explore" page - what makes each animal suited to its home? What other homes could it survive well in?

Get Fancy!

Do more than just color - cut out magazine pictures or print photos from the web, and then glue them to your background for an extreme habitat makeover.

Crayon colored drawring of moose wearing a space helmet on a different planet

Moose in Space

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