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SEAL - Tots Preschool Program

SEAL (Successfully Engaging All Learners) - Tots is an MSU Museum program designed especially for 2- to 5-year-olds and their families, caregivers, and teachers.

  • Borrow a backpack filled with objects to touch, hands-on activities, stories, and games
  • Backpacks provide a science- or culture-themed visit experience
  • For use by families or preschool groups
  • No charge

How to check out a backpack at the Museum
How to arrange a visit for your preschool group

For visitors with sensitivities to light and sound

Contact us to schedule your program or for more information: Call 517-432-1472 today!

Child wearing red SEAL - Tots backpack in MSU Museum gallery

Science Programs

Feathers and Fur: Discover many animals in the museum‚Ä®. Hands-on specimens and objects. Games and a story to reinforce content. Art activity

Neat Feet: All about amazing feet! Learn about hooves, claws, and talons. Activities about footprints. Hands-on specimens and objects, story, and art activity

What a Change! Examine change through time at the MSU Museum

Culture Programs

Hold It! Explore different containers to hold things‚Ä® from around the world: barrels, ceramics, buckets, boxes, and more. Hands-on objects. Games, a story, and art activity

What Are You Wearing? Learn about what people wear around the world: clothing, shoes, hats, and more. Hands-on activities, a game, and a story reinforce learning. Make a Froggy dressing game to take home

SEAL - Tots is supported by the
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