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Banner for VirtualGenome - MSU Museum | New Horizons Gallery. October 24, 2023 - March 2, 2024.


Oct 24, 2023 – Mar 2, 2024
VirtualGenome is a new Virtual Reality (VR) based immersive platform to visualize and explore the 3D human genome. Visitors can fly into the 3D...
Repeating text graphic that says Food Fight!

Food Fight!

Jan 9, 2024 – Jun 29, 2024
Access to nutritious food is fundamental to our survival. Yet, according to the United Nations Committee on World Food Security, the combination of “a...
A college aged visitor looking at the "Food Futures" exhibition at the MSU Museum

Food Futures

Jan 9, 2024 – Jun 29, 2024
Dr. Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter (known as honey & bunny), the artists behind this photo series, focus on food design, an emerging term...
Several long, bright red dresses hang outdoors on a snowy day, spotlighting the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

The REDress Project Exhibition

Mar 1, 2024 – Mar 17, 2024
From March 1 to March 17, 2024, the MSU Museum and its campus partners will host the REDress Project, an evocative art installation that...
brown and blue graphic with the text "Domicology: The Life Cycle of Built" Environment"

Domicology: The Life Cycle of Our Built Environment

Dec 19, 2023 – Mar 30, 2024
Domicology is the study of the life cycle of the built environment. Through this exhibition, we will explore the ways we can shift our...
A group of students walks through the hallway in the Hall of Evolution

Hall of Evolution

Jan 1, 2023 – Jun 29, 2024
The Hall of Evolution exhibit at the MSU Museum is constructed as a timeline with exhibits of fossils arranged in chronological order from the...
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