Science On a Sphere®

Learning about the world through amazing data visualizations.

four people in a dark room looking at a large projected globe with data appearing on it.


Welcome to “Science on a Sphere,” an incredible technology developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The large interactive globe is an immersive data visualization system that allows visitors to explore a wide range of datasets and animations about Earth, our solar system, cultural information, and more. Discover how MSU’s faculty and staff utilize Science on a Sphere to enhance teaching, learning, and research. Options include attending presentations, creating activities, and even supporting the development of custom content. Science on a Sphere is not just a technology; it’s an engaging and informative experience that brings data to life. Join us in exploring Earth and beyond through this immersive tool. We look forward to collaborating with you to enhance your understanding of our world.

Science on a Sphere at the MSU Museum is generously supported by the MSU Federal Credit Union.

SOS Modular Lab

The MSU Museum now offers an in-gallery, modular laboratory for the campus community to augment use of Science On a Sphere. MSU instructors may use the lab to create custom content for SOS or do other activities related to SOS. The lab is “pop-up,” meaning that equipment will be set up when requested for use. Students can create for the Sphere right in the gallery and see the progress as they work!

What equipment is available?

  • 12 Dell laptop computers with 14” full HD screens
  • 48” monitor on cart (with laptop connection)
  • 4 – 30″ monitors (with laptop connection)
  • MSU Wi-Fi
  • Yeti microphone
  • Lights for filming
  • HDMI cables
  • HDMI hub
  • Flash drives
  • Power strips
  • 12 personal-sized tables (holds 1 laptop)
  • 30 stools

Is SOS lab support available?

Yes! A trained assistant will help you and your students access SOS and make the most of your time in the lab. Please make your reservation early in the semester to ensure that we can work with you to plan your class/group learning experience.

Who can reserve the modular lab?

Faculty members and instructors can reserve use of the lab for their classes or other groups when the Museum is open. Lab reservations are subject to availability and will be processed in the order requests are received.

Have questions or want to make a reservation?

Science On a Sphere Inquiry Form

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