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The MSU Museum actively champions faculty success by nurturing research collaborations, fortifying teaching and learning endeavors, facilitating professional advancement, and offering opportunities for exhibitions and programming that effectively communicate research to wider audiences. Through these initiatives, the Museum amplifies faculty members’ scholarly pursuits, encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, and robustly contributes to the University’s academic mission.


The MSU Museum is in the process of digitizing our collections to enable broader accessibility.    

Explore our Digitized Natural Science Collections

Global Biodiversity Information Facility


Fish Net 2


These search portals exclude some data, e.g. specimen measurements, field notes, and census records (such as our early 1900s U.S. Biological Survey bird ledgers). Inquiries about searching, records, errors encountered, or requests for data not appearing online should be directed to the Natural Science Collections Manager.

Key areas of the Cultural Collections include:

  • African and African Diasporic
  • Agricultural Heritage and Rural Life
  • Apparel and Textiles
  • History of Everyday Life
  • Michigan Folklife and Traditional Arts
  • MSU History
  • Native American
  • Quilts and Related Textiles

Explore our Digitized Cultural and Archaeological Collections

Argus Collections Portal

Inquiries about searching, records, errors encountered or requests for data not appearing online should be directed to the Cultural Collections Manager or Archaeology Collections Manager.

Learn about MSU’s commitment to The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA).

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