CoLab Studio

In September 2022, the MSU Museum inaugurated the CoLab Studio as a new department dedicated to innovation and experimentation. Building upon its predecessor, MSU Science Gallery, the CoLab Studio’s primary objective is to conceive and implement programs that are timely, relevant, and characterized by novelty, transience, and an experimental ethos. This approach enables our team to explore innovative techniques in program design, implementation, informal learning, and community engagement. The insights derived from the CoLab Studio’s work empower the MSU Museum in fulfilling its mission by fostering robust engagement with students, faculty, and researchers. Accordingly, the CoLab Studio endeavors to redefine the boundaries of a 21st-century interdisciplinary museum.

The CoLaborator Program

The CoLaborator Program at MSU Museum comprises undergraduate and graduate students dedicated to fostering discussions, creativity, and learning through engaging with museum exhibitions and outreach initiatives. This intentional learning experience focuses on cultivating transdisciplinary mindsets, enhancing science communication, nurturing critical thinking and project management skills, and fostering problem-solving abilities. These transformative experiences ignite curiosity, boost confidence, and build empathy, communication skills, and ethical understanding beyond academia. CoLaborators participate in diverse engagements like podcast production, curatorial and event development, and the creation of innovative informal learning spaces. The program offers professional development, allowing students to build robust portfolios and gain hands-on experience and leadership opportunities, contributing to their success before graduation.

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