Staff Directory


Devon Akmon

Director of the MSU Museum and CoLab Studio

Laura Abraczinskas

Collections Manager, Vertebrate Collections

Denice Blair

Director of Education

Brittany Carter

Education Program Coordinator

Julian C. Chambliss

Val Berryman Curator of History

C. Kurt Dewhurst

Curator of Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Samantha Ellens

Archaeology Collections Manager

Teresa Goforth

Director of Exhibitions

Jeff Lambert, CHRS

Accounting/HR Administrator

Marsha MacDowell

Curator, Folk Arts and Quilt Studies

Natasha Miller

Community Engagement Manager

Julie Orler, CTA

Administrative/Operations Support

Stephanie Palagyi

Communications Manager

Kristin Phillips

Digital Communications Coordinator

Abbie Stevens

CoLab Studio Program Manager

Mark Sullivan

CoLab Studio Creative Director

Lynne Swanson

Collections Manager, Cultural Collections

Sunny Wang

Academic Information Technologist

Ethan Watrall

Curator of Archaeology

Caroline White

CoLab Education and Learning Manager

Carrie Wicker

Education Assistant

Mary Worrall

Director of Collections

MSU Students

Ben Adams

Major: Biosystems Engineering

Munachimso Akwali

CoLaborator and Welcome Desk

Emily Arne

Student Exhibitions Assistant

Sam Booth

Major: Film Studies

Jeneia Dinglasan

Major: Psychology

Delaney Henderson

Student Exhibitions Assistant
MSU Museum Exhibitions Assistant Major: Arts and Humanities Minor: Educational Studies

Ani E. Hristova

Graduate Student/Lundrigan
Department of Integrative Biology Brain shape evolution in Mustelidae

Rachel Lewis

Major: Art History and Journalism

Emily Paterson

Major: Experience Architecture and Professional and Public Writing

Saanch Rustagi

Major: Psychology

Sydney Urbaniak

MSU Museum CoLaborator
Welcome Desk Student Employee and CoLaborator
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