Educational Experiences

The MSU Museum offers captivating exhibitions, workshops, lectures, performances, and hands-on activities that ignite a passion for learning and curiosity. The Museum’s unwavering commitment to fostering educational experiences cultivates critical thinking, cultural understanding, and an appreciation for interdisciplinary learning.

Image of people standing and gathered in the Museum, listening to an instructor.

A Creative Collaboratory for Research and Education

Serving as a creative collaboratory, the Museum supports student success through resources and opportunities, nurtures faculty research collaboration and facilitates interdisciplinary innovation, and connects with the local community through events and activities to engage a wide audience.

Broader Impacts

In addition, the Museum staff collaborates intimately with faculty members to extend the impact of new research through carefully designed exhibitions and educational programming. This commitment includes supporting Broader Impacts — the potential societal benefits emanating from a research project — in relation to grants awarded by the National Science Foundation.

Broader impacts

Science on a Sphere

Furthermore, the Museum staff work directly with faculty to generate and distribute geophysical, environmental, and cultural data visualizations through the innovative Science On a Sphere (SOS) platform, which features a six-foot diameter immersive visualization display. Additionally, the SOS system was utilized for teaching, with over 500 students creating custom content for the system during classes.

Science on a Sphere

Explore Teaching Resources

The MSU Museum has learning resources for people of all ages available for loan to MSU instructors and PreK-12 schools.

Teaching Resources

Access Research Tools

Research Tools

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