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Alvarez, Juan S.

Curator of Exhibitions
Instructor, Museum Studies Program

Research Interests/Experience

Juan S. Alvarez

Museum exhibits are a unique and challenging form of communication. Every exhibit project has different objects and resources to accomplish its goals and communicate its ideas, and Alvarez strives to make all exhibit experiences as effective and engaging as possible. He approaches each project as a problem-solving exercise and exhibit work continues to interest him after 30 years of working in museums. He teaches in Michigan State University's Museum Studies Program, incorporating the problem-solving approach and challenging students as they plan, design, and install exhibits.

Selected Exhibitions


  • "Great Lakes Ecological Information System," Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fish Hatchery System
  • "Ethiopia: Traditions of Creativity," MSU Museum
  • "Diversity of Animals," MSU Museum
  • "The Age of Packaging," MSU Museum


MFA, Museum Studies, Syracuse University