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Bridie McBride

Marketing and Communication Student Employee
English Major
Comparative Cultures & Politics Major
French Minor
Peace & Justice Minor

Bridie McBride is a student employee focusing on marketing and communications at the MSU Museum. She is currently working on promotions for the MSU Museum’s Great Lakes Folk Festival which is set for August 10 -12 in downtown East Lansing. She is a junior, double majoring in English and comparative cultures & politics with minors in French, peace & justice studies, and she is considering adding Russian for a third minor. In the future, she hopes to a find a career working for a nonprofit in the field of digital media, public policy, or education.

Her favorite exhibit at the MSU Museum is the annual display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt that the Museum exhibits each December 1 in commemoration of World AIDS Day. She recognizes the emotional and visual power of the quilt along with the experience of being a part of an immense project like the more than 52,000 paneled quilt.

In addition to being a student at MSU and working at the Museum, she also teaches in the 2020 Girls after-school program created by ITEC (Information Technology Empowerment Center) in Lansing. The nonprofit ITEC works to increase the technology skills of Lansing-area students through creatively designed after school and summer programs. ITEC has also collaborated with the MSU Museum on several projects.

Photography Credit:
Pearl Yee Wong