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Volunteer 5000 Hour Honor Roll

Each year since 1983, the MSU Museum has been tracking the number of hours of service provided by volunteers. The following individuals are among an elite group who have clocked over 5000 hours of service and some of them have donated even far more. Our hats are off to them!

Phyllis Amsterburg
Eve Boicourt
Tom Chaput
Joseph Cox
Fred Dimmitt
Doug Dunham
Esther Dunham
Jane Goodrich
Gary Granger
Katherine Kerr
Betty MacDowell
Andy McClary
Jane McClary
Virginia Newman
Kim Ramm
Eunice Schloemer
Liz Schweitzer
Neil Snepp
Betty Votruba

Volunteer Awardees

Each year since 1997, the MSU Museum honors those who have made extraordinary voluntary contributions to museum programs and operations. A salute to the following honorees!1997: Katie Kerr, Jane McClary

1998: Eve Boicourt, Betty MacDowell, Tom Chaput
1999: Jane Goodrich
2000: Liz Schweitzer
2002: Bill Rustem
2003: Malinda Barr
2004: Max Hoffman
2005: Mary C. Mertz-Smith
2006: Curt Munson, Jason & Dawn Keech, Tom Seymour
2007: William Prince
2009 Jeff Benson

Jeff Benson










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