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1.5° Celsius

Through contributions of more than one dozen national and international artists, scientists, and researchers, the 1.5 ° Celsius exhibition and its supporting public programs explore the global climate crisis.

We are 0.4° Celsius away from catastrophe.

In 2015, the Paris Agreement outlined the need to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit global temperature increase to no more than 1.5° Celsius above pre-industrial levels. This goal aims to avoid irreparable damage to our climate, our ecosystems, and our ability to inhabit the planet. Failure to do so may cause disastrous calamities including extreme weather events that impact everything from our ability to grow food to accessing fresh water.

Currently, the global temperature increase sits at 1.1°C. Therefore, we must urgently consider the actions we need to take, individually and collectively, before it is too late.

In this exhibition, we invite you to examine the scope of our impact on the planet and the ways that our lives are deeply interconnected with the well-being of the environment. We hope that you will start to imagine new ways of addressing the social and environmental issues connected to climate change, and how we can build brighter, more sustainable futures.

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The Community Bee Clinic 
Lisa Korpos
Portland, OR 

Urchin Futures
Anastasiia Raina
Providence, RI 

What Are We Made Of? 
Hailey Becker & Kakia Gkoudina
Lansing, MI 

OurCarbon: Carbon Negative Base Material 
Bioforcetech Corporation
San Francisco, CA
Read a blog post about this exhibition written by MSU students! 

1.5 Degrees of Concern 
Kristine Diekman, Lisa Mansfield, & Liz Waugh McManus
USA, Australia, & UK 

Vincent Ruijters & Ray LC
The Netherlands & USA 

An Ecological Oracle
Raphael Arar
Portland, OR 

Loom & Doom: Weaving Against Plastic & Climate Change
Kelsey Merreck Wagner
East Lansing, MI 

Appetite for Deconstruction
Eryk Salvaggio, Claudia Westermann, Vinny Montag, & Hao Liu
Rochester, NY & Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 

Lilia Li-Mi-Yan & Katherina Sadovsky
Moscow, Russia 

Feeling Climate Crisis 
Gaurav Patekar 
Boston, MA 

Harpreet Sareen, Franziska Mack, & Yasuaki Kakehi
USA, India, Japan; USA, Germany; & Japan 

Biofuel Lights the Future 
Maxwell Oerther, Jinho Lee, & Ovya Venkat
East Lansing, MI
Read a blog post about the exhibit by recent MSU graduate Emily Greeson!

YANTO – yaw and not tip over 
Marc Lee, Iris Qu, & Shervin Saremi
Zurich, New York, & Berlin 

Human-Cloud Project 
Filips Staņislavskis
Riga, Latvia 


Satellite Exhibits: 

Impossible Creatures 
Alinta Krauth & Jason Nelson
Australia & Norway
(located in the MSU Museum, STEM Teaching & Learning Facility, MSU Library, and (SCENE) Metrospace) 

We All Live Downwind 
Shanna Merola
Detroit, MI
(located in the MSU Museum Ground Floor Gallery)

A Few Degrees of Change
Through November 23, 2022
(SCENE) Metrospace 

The exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU).

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