Immersive Visualization Institute Accepting Applications for Summer Program

The Immersive Visualization Institute (IVI) Summer Institute is now accepting applications for faculty and graduate students interested in exploring digital display technology platforms at MSU. IVI partnering venues include Abrams Planetarium, the 360 Degree Panoramic Display Space in the Library’s Digital Scholarship Lab, and Science On a Sphere at MSU Museum. Applications are due by April 26, 2024 and the Institute will run June 3-6, 2024. Online applications are accepted here!

A group of people seat in the Science on a Sphere Gallery looking at a 6' globe with a projection of sea creatures on it.During the workshops, participants will assess and compare the capabilities of different immersive display platforms and explore ways to experience and teach complex natural and/or cultural phenomena through immersive representations. Participants will develop a final project that incorporates at least one of the visualization technologies and represents creative uses of the technologies for research, teaching, or artistic work. These projects will help expand how people are using the technologies and build awareness to new MSU audiences.

The co-conveners of the Summer Institute include the MSU Museum, Abrams Planetarium, MSU Libraries, and MSU Graduate School. IVI aligns with The Graduate School’s goals to support students, strengthen relationships across campus communities, and work together to articulate and reach shared goals.

“IVI demonstrates the innovative opportunities available to MSU graduate students. Working in cross-field cohorts to think about how to visualize their expert knowledge in new ways—and to present those visualizations in public-facing settings—can be transformative. The goal of this program is to provide an inflection point where disciplinary understanding can shift, and novel research and teaching projects are generated,” said Judith Stoddart, associate provost for University Arts and Collections.

Applicants from across the University in all disciplines are invited to apply. Graduate students may apply individually or with a faculty member mentor. Selection is competitive and limited to 10 graduate students. A $500.00 stipend is awarded to participating students. Students must be enrolled for Summer 2024 semester to participate.

link to photographs on flickr from the Immersive Visualization Institute in 2023

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