Open Call for “Food Fight!” Exhibition

Applications deadline extended through Friday, April 14!

MSU Museum’s CoLab studio invites proposals for Food Fight!, an exhibition and public programming series that explores issues related to food security, production, and sustainability, and the social, environmental, political, and economic relationships humans have with food. Applications are now open through April 14, 2023.

From the way culinary practices influence and shape communities and cultures, to struggles for food supply and the design of our food production and distribution system, our individual and collective relationship to food is complex and constantly evolving. Some potential topics for submissions include agricultural practices, diet culture, food waste, or something else entirely.

According to the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security, “a changing climate, growing global population, rising food prices, and environmental stressors will have significant, yet uncertain, impacts on food security.”

“This truly open-sourced exhibition will invite participants from around the world to catalyze their creativity and boldly address an issue impacting global populations. This exhibition and public programming reinforces our mission critical work of facilitating and creating experiences at the nexus of the arts, sciences, cultures, and technologies,” said MSU Museum Director Devon Akmon.

Creativity, experimentation, and collaboration are highly valued by the MSU Museum CoLab Studio. This open call is extended to everyone, from every level of experience and discipline including students. Submissions from individuals or groups working locally or internationally in fields related to art, psychology, biology, music, or a diverse combination of fields are welcomed. Proposals can be for an existing exhibit or an idea in development, such as a new or existing artwork, digital intervention, research project, a virtual game, a series of visualizations, or something else.

The curatorial team for Food Fight! consists of subject-matter experts, MSU Museum staff, and students. The team seeks proposals that are interactive and that prioritize the visitor experience with the Museum’s target audience of young adults (18-25). In addition to exhibits, proposals for programs and events, such as a performance, a panel or conversation, or a facilitated workshop are accepted.

Projects selected are funded for $1,500 USD (to be used for production costs, shipping, etc.). The exhibition and programs are planned for January – July 2024 primarily at or around the MSU Museum. Apply here!


Learn more about participating in the MSU Museum CoLab Studio exhibition in the YouTube video linked below!


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