Photo portrait of Carlos-Aldo Lopez-Resendiz

Carlos-Aldo Lopez-Resendiz

Welcome Desk Student Employee

Major: Actuarial Science
Minor: Mathematics

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Where are you from?
Lansing, MI

What is your academic year? 
Third year

What interested you in your position at the MSU Museum?
I wanted a change of pace from my old job. The Museum has a lot to offer with its varying exhibits and people you meet. I enjoy meeting new people and the front desk is one way to do that.

What is your favorite exhibition at the MSU Museum?
My favorite current exhibit is Science On a Sphere. I enjoy the many options available to project on the sphere. My favorite is the current weather patterns of Earth.

What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy going to MSU football games or any sporting events honestly. I recently bought an electric scooter so I have been cruising around campus.

What is your dream job? 
My dream job would be something simple where I can work with different kinds of people on a common goal. I wish to be compensated generously for the work I do as I also hope it would have a meaningful impact on others. As long as I can maintain a good work life balance and have enough financial stability to live a comfortable life I would be content.

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