National Science Foundation (NSF) and other federal agency grants have the potential to advance knowledge and benefit society through broader impacts: “Just like the kaleidoscopic nature of science, broader impacts come in many forms. No matter the method, however, broader impacts ensure all NSF-funded science works to better our world” (

The MSU Museum partners with faculty members applying for federal grants to develop broader impacts projects that make the outcomes of research available and accessible to wide audiences through the use and integration of Museum resources. These webpages will help you learn more about broader impacts and how you can work with the MSU Museum. Contact us early in your planning process to get started.

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Broader Impacts are an important component of proposals. As one of the two merit criteria by which proposals are evaluated, the broader impacts section of your proposal requires close attention, proper planning, and creative thinking. Many faculty members leave their broader impacts planning until the end of the submission process, often resulting in a plan that seems “tacked on” or badly connected to the project. Good planning for broader impacts is an essential piece of your grant application.

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